Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reflections On Pleasing Those You Love

Hey, y'all! So, I'm trying to read three books at one time so I can roll out some book reviews. This is nearly impossible! I won't give up though.

Also, homeschooling is still in my head. I don't want my children to ever stop learning, so I'm toying with the idea of having scheduled learning time all year round when I start this fall. It can be less time, but I want them to do SOMETHING to keep them on the right track. So much learning can be done informally, and you guys likely can tell that is more my speed. However, they have to learn to read and write. My children WILL learn to write in cursive, which is not required of many children in public school anymore. 

Our oldest was in the special education program and only learned to write his name in cursive because I took the time to teach him and make him practice. You have to sign your name to get a job, get your driver's license, and so many other things in life. So I made him even though his teachers gave up on him.

Anyway, recently we did some hands-on learning with some awesome printables from Totschooling. I found them on Pinterest and subscribed, and I'm SO glad I did! 

I printed out the top two pages, then for my kiddos, I cut the shapes out. Older kids could cut them out themselves and use a little bit more time without momma being involved. Then I let them each use a glue stick and put the shapes in the right place. 

It's so cool they both did a great job! They figured out where to put the shapes with no help from me. Buddy's is on the left, Doodle's is on the right. These had to be printed multiple times because they enjoyed it so much! 

We could also laminate them and make them like puzzles, but I do not have a laminator. Well, the one I have is old and small and was originally used for my scrapbooking hobby. I'm planning to look for them, though, because a laminator will be super handy when I'm homeschooling.

I don't think I shared with you all that Buddy is now spelling his name out loud independently, and even wrote it independently a few times. He does this without my prompting usually. He will bring it to me to show me and we get so excited together!

Our kids, generally, want so much to please us. Even Doodle, who is super strong-willed and butts heads with me daily. She almost immediately comes to be after a blowup and wants a hug. "Hoe me, mommy!", she says. Yes, baby girl, I will definitely hold you! I need a hug, too!

This started out as a homeschooling post, but ya know, as I am typing I realize how much we tend to try to please those we love. I do anyway. It seems natural to want to please the ones you love. To see a smile, get an approving glance, or a high-five for a job well done (or at least tried whole-heartedly). 

This makes me think of the Bible passage John 14: 15 (NASB),
If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.
This is Jesus speaking. At first, it seems like this is an order. Maybe, but upon reflection, maybe it's just stating the natural flow of things. Maybe He is saying that if you love Him, you will want to do the things that please Him. You will naturally gravitate to following His commands because you realize they are for your good to begin with! His commandments were made with our best in mind!

I have two questions for you today: If you homeschool, do you do it year round or take a summer break and why? Also, what do you think about this passage from scripture? Do you agree with my reflection? Please leave me a comment, and remember sharing is caring so spread the word about my blog if you enjoy it.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Reflections On Kids Say The Wisest Things

Kids Say The Wisest Things: 26 Lessons You Didn't Know Children Could Teach You by Jon Gauger is a quick, fun, inspirational read. I got this book from Moody Publishers as part of a book launch group. In return, I am spreading the word about it. You can get the hardcover book or an ebook from Moody Publishing or Amazon.

Photo credit Moody Publishing
Each chapter tells a charming story about a child whose innocent questions or statements sparked a realization or inspiration in the author. From friendship to forgiveness, each topic takes us to the Word of God for instruction based on the innocence of a child. Chapter 20 "Too Busy For Beauty?" is my favorite. As you may know, this whole blog for me is about taking time to reflect, to enjoy life especially through the eyes of my children. There is so much to enjoy and learn if we just slow down to do so. Like the boy in this story states, "You can't see unless you look.". Indeed. There are many more lessons to be learned in the pages of these heartwarming tales of childhood innocence.

There is also a chapter at the end with ten discussion questions, which would be great for a book club or other discussion group you may be involved in. The relatively short chapters would be perfect for a mom group because we rarely have time to actually sit down and read much at a time. This is the third book I have read lately that includes discussion questions, and I think it is a fabulous idea! Sharing what we read and what we learn from reading is a great way to connect with others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it a 4 out of 4 stars. It was an easy read for a busy mom like me. The chapters were short enough I could usually read them in between tasks for my children. Each story made me think a bit more introspectively. It is likely I will come back to this book again for needed inspiration in the future.

Casual star rating 4 out of 4